10 Top HND Courses In Sri Lanka

HND or Higher National Diploma is one of the most popular qualifications in Sri Lanka that many students want to do. However, most students and parents are not aware of the vast range of HND courses available in Sri Lanka and limit their choice to one or two HNDs. So we wrote this article to educate you about the full range of HND courses available and help you make an informed decision when choosing an HND course to pursue.

What are the most popular HND courses in Sri Lanka? There are many HND courses in Sri Lanka, and the following are the most popular among them;

  1. HND in Business Management
  2. HND in Information and Technology
  3. HND in Biomedical Science
  4. HND in Engineering
  5. HND in Hospitality Management
  6. HND in Quantity Surveying
  7. HND in Psychology
  8. HND in Art and Design
  9. HND in English
  10. HND in Agriculture

But, the popularity alone is not enough to make the right decision. There are many things to consider to make sure your time and investment for an HND course are worth it. So below is guidance on different HND streams available in Sri Lanka and their career paths.

3 Types Of HND Courses In Sri Lanka

There are three main types of HND programs in Sri Lanka as follows

Private HND Courses

Private institutes affiliated to a foreign awarding body offer private HND courses. So, the certification and the whole approach to the course is under the foreign awarding body. Usually, many private institutes in Sri Lanka offer Pearson BTECH certified HND Courses. Mainly because Pearson (UK) is one of the leading HND certificate awarding bodies in the world.

Example – BMS, Esoft, ICBT

Government offered HND Courses

This is where a Sri Lanka government awarding body offers and certifies HND courses through government institutes. The (University Grants Commission) of Sri Lanka often approves and certifies HND courses. The subjects and approach to the course is specific to the Sri Lankan education system.

Example – SLIATE

Private HND Courses approved by the UGC (University Grants Commission)

Institutes under a foreign awarding body which have UGC approval offer these courses. This means UGC approves the foreign awarding body as it meets accepted standards. As such the foreign awarding body will certify the qualification with UGC recognition. Most of the time UGC approved private institutes specify its UGC recognition. To find out if a private institute is UGC approved, look for the letter for approval of the institute. One can also refer to the UGC’s official website to see a list of UGC approved foreign awarding bodies.

Examples– SLIT, NIBM and NSBM

As it is clear, the types of courses mainly affect in deciding the recognition of an HND Course. Besides the types, thankfully Sri Lanka has many streams of HND courses available. This helps many students to choose a higher education path of their interest. Among these, the courses mentioned above are the famous and the most pursued in Sri Lanka. Below is a comprehensive understanding of each of those streams.

1. HND IN Business Management

HND in business management is the most popular HND course in Sri Lanka because of the growing importance of management within small and start-up businesses in Sri Lanka. The course prepares students in approaching the work industry with comprehensive knowledge in all aspects of new global business topics. This includes a range of topics evolving in the business world such as change and strategic management, value chain and logistics, employee engagement and public relations. As an overall structure of the program covers an in-depth understanding on all functional operations essential for a business such as Human Resource Management, Accounting and Finance, Research and Development, Marketing, Administration and Production.

Career Opportunities
Management is a function that is common or rather essential within many businesses from start up’s to large organizations. The course mainly gives all the knowledge and skills required for entrepreneurial students. It is thereby possible for one to start, run and manage a business on own. However below are some career opportunities available through this qualification.

  • Managerial position within a business or business function (Department) of one’s interest
  • Business advisor/consultant
  • Business/market research analyst
  • Management executive positions

Where to study
For BTECH (Pearson/UK ) HND in Business Management – BMS, Esoft Metro Campus, American College of Higher Education, IDM
For UGC approved HND in Business Management – SLIT, NIBM, NSBM
Government institutes for HND in Business Management – SLIATE

2. HND IN Computing

This course is sometimes called as HND in Information and Technology and is popular among the male youths in Sri Lanka. The course mainly prepares students with the updated knowledge and skills required to meet the rising job demand of high-quality IT professionals.

The course covers the main subsections of IT such as network engineering, technical support, database analysis and design, systems analysis and software engineering. It is also possible to specialize in areas such as software engineering, network engineering, data analytics, applications development and security of intelligent system during the final year of the course. However, the course mainly attempts to develop invention and innovation skills using IT which is of high value around the world.

Career opportunities
IT is considered as the foundation for innovations and inventions in many organizations and their success depends on IT. So sponsorships are provided for talented IT graduates in many parts of the world. It is also possible to get a job in the field of one’s specialization and expertise. In fact, specialized IT graduates are of high demand in developed countries like USA, UK and Australia.

However, below are some career opportunities specific to the qualification

  • Software, hardware or network engineer
  • IT consultant
  • Database and network administrator
  • IT lecturer, instructor
  • Innovate or invent one’s own ideas and gain copyrights to them

Where to study
For BTECH (Pearson/UK ) HND in Business Management – BMS, Esoft Metro Campus, American College of Higher Education, IDM
For UGC approved HND in Business Management – SLIT, NIBM, NSBM
Government institutes for HND in Business Management – SLIATE

3. HND In Biomedical Science

Sri Lanka has limited university entrance along with limited options to continue higher education in the field of science. This is one of the main reason the course has high popularity among students with a passion for science. The course adapts and delivers the essential knowledge and practical application of biomedical science, healthcare and research. The subjects covered under this program range from physiology, pharmacology, neuroscience, cell biology, microbiology, anatomy and histology, genetics, biochemistry and immunology. All the approaches taken under the course prepares individuals with the ability to diagnosis and treat diseases. Some institutes also offer the opportunity for 6-week training in a hospital or research laboratory which helps to gain essential work experience.

Career opportunities
Unlike other science streams, this course doesn’t give you only a job within the health sector. With this course, it is possible to be an environmental engineer, medical sales representative, nanotechnologist, science or health-related content writer or even a higher education lecturer. The following are some career opportunities specific to the stream of Biomedical Science HND;

  • Forensic Scientist
  • Biomedical scientist
  • Medicinal chemist
  • Research scientist
  • Toxicologist

But, the sensitivity of this course is that it is not much welcomed within the Sri Lankan health sector.

Where to study
For BTECH (Pearson/UK ) HND in Business Management – BMS, ICBT, BCAS

4. HND In Civil Engineering

Similar to science, engineering is also a stream with limited higher education options in Sri Lanka. So this course is continuing to be popular among students who have an interest in engineering. The course delivers in-depth knowledge and skills in designing, constructing and maintaining both natural and artificial building environments. The course covers the sub-disciplines of engineering such as water resource engineering, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, coastal engineering, transportation engineering, earthquake engineering and many more new engineering topics pertinent to the stream.

Career opportunities
The continuous development of infrastructures has given this qualification many career paths. As the best example, Sri Lanka outsources infrastructure projects to other countries. The main reason for this is the shortage of expertise engineers in Sri Lanka. With this qualification it is possible to get a range of operational level roles in a construction company, which includes in charger or supervisors for subdivisions of a construction project or unit. Below are some other main career opportunities available through this qualification.

  • Building services assistant engineer
  • Engineering Technician
  • Assistant design and development engineer
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control Engineer
  • Assistant project manager

Where to study
For BTECH (Pearson/UK ) HND in Business Management – Esoft and BCAS
Government institutes for HND in Business Management – SLIATE

5. HND In Hospitality Management

The popularity of HND In Hospitality is specific to a tourist destination like Sri Lanka. This course aims at delivering a variety of professional practices connected and relevant to the administration of hotels, restaurants, resorts and other lodgings. The course covers all the contexts related to the trends of the hospitality sector. Industry-focused food safety management, customer service, rooms’ division operations management, hospitality contracts and event management, marketing and financing in the hospitality sector are some of the main content covered within the course.

Career opportunities
The hospitality industry can lead to many career paths because of its growing niches. But, below are the main career opportunities available for the course,

  • Event, Hotel, Revenue or Hotel Divisional executives or managers
  • In-charge/supervisor of housekeeping, Food and Beverage,
  • Executive chef
  • Reservation ticket agent
  • Concierge
  • Meeting and conventional planner

Where to study
For BTECH (Pearson/UK ) HND in Business Management – ICD Business School, ASPIRE College of Higher Education
Government institutes for HND in Business Management – SLIATE, SLITHM

6. HND In Quantity Surveying

HND in Quantity Surveying is more like a division of Civil Engineering. However, the course is specially designed to focus on the demands of the construction industry. So the course has more features of financing and so is the content covered under the course. Everything essential to deal with civil engineering project costs are covered under this course. It also delivers required skills for the effective administration of costs related to construction projects.

Career opportunities
The qualification receives high recognition in many developing countries around the world. In fact, it is one of the highest paying jobs in the property and construction sector. The following are the main career opportunities available through this course:

  • Site/project divisional in charge
  • Building Surveyor
  • Site engineer
  • Construction manager
  • Residential surveyor
  • Architectural supervisor

Where to study
For BTECH (Pearson/UK ) HND in Business Management – ESOFT, CINEC, BCAS, Advanced Construction Training Academy
Government institutes for HND in Business Management – SLIATE

7. HND In Psychology

As a complex science, the course is popular among students with interests towards reading minds. The main aim of the course is to deliver the ability to analyze the thoughts and expressions of other human beings. Connected to interpreting the human nature of individuals, many find this course interesting. The course delivers an in-depth context of social and cognitive psychology, child development and personality memory. Also, the course very often extends to business subjects relevant to psychology. This includes HRM, marketing, public relations and negotiation, which all requires dealing tactically with human minds.

Career opportunities

  • Career opportunities for this course can be found in any sector that involves human; some of them are as follows,
  • Business/Clinical/Educational/Child/Forensic Psychologist
  • Marriage and family/School/Addiction/General counselor
  • Special needs teacher
  • Brand or HRM consultant
  • HR or Mental health researcher

Where to study
For BTECH (Pearson/UK ) HND in Business Management – BCAS
Government institutes for HND in Business Management – SLIATE

8. HND In Art And Design

This is a popular course among students with a passion for all things creative. In Sri Lanka, there are very few options when it comes to creative higher education options. So this course tries to provide a solution for this current situation in the country. The course takes a comprehensive approach in covering areas such as project designing, implementing and evaluating, complex analysis in art and design, personal and professional development through drawings, communication with designs, fine sculpturing knowledge and techniques and even managing art exhibitions. The course also delivers specialization in a variety of subdivisions such as drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography and digital media.

Career Opportunities
There are unlimited career opportunities for this course. Especially because the course delivers a range of skills than just a qualification. As we know skills are the most difficult things to learn and are birth oriented. However, these are main career opportunities available through this course;

  • Open and run an art gallery or design boutique to sell one’s own creations
  • Lecture or trainer at a creative institute /faculty or even a school
  • Arts administrator
  • Illustrator/Photographer/Animator/Graphic Designer
  • Fine Artist

Where To Study
For BTECH (Pearson/UK ) HND in Business Management – AMDT

9. HND In English

The course is popular among students who have an average level of exposure to the English language. Many pursue this qualification to opt for better career opportunities in foreign countries. The course aims to help students’ expertise their knowledge and skills in the English language. As such the course covers a range of content specific to language learning such as English literature, business communication and journalism. The course also gives the ability to adapt oneself to an English speaking office environment and to be able to present oneself in a clear manner.

Career Opportunities
English is one of the most widely used languages around the world. So there are many job options in countries that use a native language other than English. The following are some of the main job opportunities available through this course,

  • English copywriter/Content writer
  • Media researcher
  • Language translator
  • Magazine/Newspaper journalist
  • English teacher/Lecturer

Where to study
Usually there are few HND in English courses offered by International awarding bodies. This is because English is the native language in many foreign countries.
Government institutes for HND in Business Management – SLIATE

10. HND In Agriculture

This course is popular among developing countries where agriculture is the main industry of income. The course aims to improve the technological and managerial approaches used in the agricultural sector. The course covers the scope of crop and animal production, agro product processing and maintaining the sustainability of agricultural businesses.

Career Opportunities
Unlike other courses, the course gives possibilities for careers in minor science streams as well. Few of them include food scientist, bioinformatics scientist and biochemist. However, below are the few main career opportunities available through this course,

  • Agricultural operations manager
  • Agronomist
  • Botanist
  • Plant biologist/ecologist
  • Soil and plant scientist

Where to study
Similar to HND in English there are few HND in Agriculture courses offered by International awarding bodies. This is because agriculture is a less demanding qualification in foreign countries.
Government institutes for HND in Business Management – SLIATE


As it is clear, there are many popular HND courses in Sri Lanka a student can choose from depending on interests. It is also important to consider the career opportunities available in each stream. The streams that have expected career paths can be a good choice to pursue one’s HND qualification in.

Students planning to work in other countries have to check the demand for chosen streams in those countries. Finally, the above discussed are definitely not the only HND courses available in Sri Lanka. There are many more HND courses offered for different interests such as culinary, stitching, photography, research and so on. So always carefully consider and match interests and job expectations to any HND stream before making a decision.

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