What Is HND? Courses, Duration, Recognition & More Info

The evergrowing education sector gives many options for higher educational qualifications today. Among these HND is one of the most popular qualifications. So let’s have an in-depth look into HND qualification and courses in this post.

What is HND? HND stands for Higher National Diploma (HND). It is a higher education qualification offered by the UK and other countries with British ties. HND is equivalent to the first two years of a university degree and is a vocational qualification that targets the work industry.

However, there is much more to this qualification that makes this a big hit in the education sector. Below is a detailed explanation of all the possible questions about this famous qualification.

Higher National Diploma (HND)

This qualification started as a way of simplifying and to better suit work life. Some students find difficulties in applying a qualification to work life. In fact, this is a common problem among fresh graduates anywhere around the world. This is also one of the reasons why many graduates remain unemployed.

The designing of HND programs targets to solve this common problem. HND programs try to deliver a more work-centered approach towards the qualification. As such the program aims for a promising and confident career path for any student. Thereby making all student investments worth it.

Currently, there are many countries offering HND programs. Yet, HND is a qualification of the UK and Pearson is the leading awarding body for HND programs. Pearson now offers HND qualifications to many developing countries under their supervision.

Pearson continuously evaluates and governs affiliated institutes under it. This helps to maintain expected standards, processes, and procedures. As such, all HND programs offered by Pearson in every country delivers an equal level of quality. Yet, there are many other small awarding bodies specific to each country that offers the same. They use other approaches to suit the education system of each country.

What is an HND Worth?

An HND qualification is worth all investments such as time, money, energy and even a good resume.

Usually, an HND program is for a duration of one and a half to two years and is equivalent to the first two years of a degree. Also, good academic records in HND could provide direct entry to the final year of the degree. This would on average reduce the duration of a normal degree.

Further many higher education programs require training for at least six months. But, as said above an HND offers a vocational and semi-professional qualification altogether. This would avoid the need to follow another training or internship program. As such students can progress with a career path right after the qualification.

As such the short duration reduces all the investment spent on professional qualification. Yet, gives the same exact qualification of a professional degree at the completion of it.

With that being said, an HND qualification is also definitely worth a resume. In fact, it makes a resume more attractive to any employer around the world. Because an HND program aims at work-life and to present skills employers are looking for.

Also, HND programs adjust their approach to best suit the changes and demands of the job market. As such it is not necessary to train and adapt employees to the changing working environment. This gives more chance for shortlisting resumes with an HND qualification.

HND Recognition in USA, UK, Canada, Australia etc.

Mostly HND receives recognition globally and adds value to any professional resume. Especially within the USA, UK, and Australia, an HND qualification receives much higher recognition.

However, countries like the USA and Australia expects exceptional grades in HND to enter the final year of a degree. Whereas countries like Canada and Nigeria doesn’t recognize or value HND qualifications. They also very often don’t accept HND as eligibility for the final year of a degree, even with good grades.

How Long is HND?

On average a full-time HND program takes one and a half years to complete. Whereas a part-time program takes two years for completion.

On the other hand, the completion of HND along with the final year of the degree (Top-up) will take two and a half years. Where the same for a part-time program takes three years in total along with the Top –Up.

Difference between HND and Degree?

HND is a vocational and semi-professional qualification taking an academic approach. Whereas a degree is mostly an academic qualification only.

Further as said above good academic records in HND could provide entry for the final year of a degree. But, a degree is a whole inseparable qualification, followed one year after the other up to the final year.

HND has both theories and its applicability to work-life combined in the program. Whereas, in a degree, only the theories are mainly covered within the program very often. As such private training only could help in applying the theories learned in work life.

Finally, an HND with a good academic record could earn a degree within an average of three years. Whereas a normal degree would need a minimum of four to five years for its completion.

Difference between HND and HNC?

The difference between HND and HNC (Higher National Certificate) are its academic levels.

HND is equivalent to the first two years of a degree, whereas HNC is equivalent to the first year of a degree. As a result, HNC takes less time to complete. HNC takes one-year full time and one and a half years part-time to complete. Whereas an HND takes one and a half years- full time and two years – part-time for completion.

However, HND and HNC more or less cover the same areas of study, but HNC is considered one level below HND.

Popular HND Courses

There are many HND courses available for different individual preferences and interest. However, below are a few popular HND courses one could choose from,

  • HND in Business Management
  • HND in IT and Computing
  • HND in Agriculture
  • HND in Engineering
  • HND in Construction and Civil Engineering
  • HND in Health and Social care
  • HND in Tourism and Hospitality
  • HND in Logistic Management
  • HND in Sport and Exercise Sciences
  • HND in Performing Arts

HND Course Requirements

The minimum requirement to enrol for an HND is six passes in O/L examinations. But the qualification is ideal for students with three passes in A/L examinations in the same stream of the HND. For example, three passes in Commerce stream for A/L is ideal to enrol for HND in Business Management.

However, in some institutes students with three passes in A/L, in any stream can enrol for any HND program. For example, students with three passes in Science stream for A/L can enrol for HND in Business Management. But these students are advised to follow a foundation or diploma course of the same subject. This would give a clear understanding of the basics in the field of study.

For school leavers, the process would need a Diploma in the field of study. For example, a diploma in Business Management is compulsory for enrolling to the HND in Business Management program.

Where to study HND?

As I said above there are many countries that offer HND courses with much recognition and value. However, the qualification is highly recognized and appreciated in developing countries. There are many institutes offering Pearson certified HND programs in countries such as Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Dubai, and many European countries

Countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Northern Ireland, and Wales offer HND courses and qualification through many of their institutes. However, the certificate awarding body in these countries is not Pearson very often.

As it is clear, HND is a recognized and valuable qualification for a student’s investments. But, the work-centred approach of this HND is what makes this qualification special. Also, many HND programs around the world are offered by Pearson, which is a highly recognized certification.

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